In the poem Exposure written by Wilfred Owen shows us Metaphors, its applied to an object to which it is not actually relevant, Wilfried Owen uses emotive words in the poem too have a greater emotional impact on his readers, Owen also uses repetition convey the messages as “iced east winds that knife us.” – war is painful […]

what is included, passing bells: A

Dulce et Decorum Est  in the poem, the techniques of simile is used ” Like old beggars under sacks” gives us an image of 2.  

What images are presented in the text? The images that are being presented in the text are “Bent double” this image affects our understanding of the events as it shows/tells me that their body is hunched/bent over on the ground. no holding the body upright. Bowed. It indicates that they are in pain,sick or wounded. […]

  I’m talking about only some of the problems in this world now spoken in a way you can understand I talk. I am from a place blessed with natural water dripping out of natural fountains from the mountains surrounding us here, I am from the place with the cleanest waters, dark and light blue […]

“The strong survive, but the courageous triumph.” Michael Scott, The Warlock. It is noticeable that in all these text and movies, Rabbit Proof Fence” Directed by Phillip Noyce,Touching the void By Joe Simpson, Impossible directed by J.A Bayona and Titanic Directed by James Cameron, all show us that most intelligent and people survive, It’s not […]

Creative Writing, Now and Then.                          Latisha Halcrow Brimming pavements where the troubled teens do as they wish. The public observe vaguely to see their fears confirmed. The rather sad life of teens with no reassurance out on the streets lingering in town, jaunting the byway to fritter away time. Drawing smoke into their lungs, they […]