2nd August 2018

2.9 Book Thief Response


This book is set around Nazi Germany, it follows a young girl called Leiseil, from about the age of 14,15. She is taken away from her mother at the start of the book to a foster family in quaite a poor part of Germany.  This foster family are the Humbermans, Hans and Rosa are the foster parents both of their children are grown up and moved out of home. They have been given Leisel to look after, and you follow her story from there.


This novel is narrated in quite a bizarre way, I think that is one of the reasons it’s quite a famous in the book world. This book is narrated by death itself, death has found the book of Liesel’s life where she wrote herself, and death has then read it and it has stuck with him it seemed to have quite an effect on him, because of that he has summarized her story. While telling her story he is somehow telling us how he is somehow connected to her.


I thought that the tool of death being the narrator was kind of gimmicky, the author intended to attract attention from this style of text. And a way to be different.


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