30th October 2018

creative writng

There’s a room in your heart with the memories we made he took them down but they’re still in their frames.  

He never thought he could see this blind. He is stressing out he wanted more time. He’s remembering how he would give a damn because lately, he doesn’t feel the same.

he might lose his mind, waiting for the comedown. They are just faces on a screen but it’s okay not to be fine.

Do we jump first and then decide? Our bodies are tired and hurting, do you swim? or do you sink? I swear he’ll die trying.

I seem to be trying but we’ll see, he’s used to that.

Let the fire fall as you put down that cigarette. The smell of smoke is like a hotel from hell. I hesitate to escape his mistake.

He miscommunicates every day his aftermath is my earthquake.

Left him in the sky with his fire below, he’s still lost in the light. Hidden with his midnight drinking, he already seems to be paying for tonight.

Focusing on him in the light, it helps him fill his emotions. He can’t let go, he is full of sorrow and regret, can we not forget?

Time is running out and I am walking out. He never goes away, though I had found a way out I guess I have to stay now.

He’s at such a distance, it takes him time to reach me. Its danger and I know it, that’s old news. He should’ve seen this through he knew exactly how it would end, you won’t let go but you’ve already thrown.

Because in the end you’re already a world away, and now I have walked away.

Now love is overrated in my mind. I have lost my mind.

I just want to forget all those times just for tonight it is going to be an ongoing vibe.  I will just wait until the time is right.

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