1st March 2018

exposure W.O

In the poem Exposure written by Wilfred Owen shows us Metaphors, its applied to an object to which it is not actually relevant, Wilfried Owen uses emotive words in the poem too have a greater emotional impact on his readers, Owen also uses repetition

convey the messages as

“iced east winds that knife us.” – war is painful

This tells us; the reader that the iced east winds are sharp they hurt, they are enough to kill. “iced east winds that knife us is used in the text as a metaphor, is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable, referring to “knife us.”

“The poignant misery of dawn begins to grow.” – no hope in war

By using the emotive word poignant in the text it shows that the writer was evoking a sense of sadness or regret. This also present that the writer can recollect a memory an image or a feeling to the mind. By Wilfred Owen using the word misery is makes me think of how his poem focuses on the misery felt by World War One soldiers waiting overnight in the trenches. It tells me that this writer is experiencing something heartfelt and it is slowly coming upon him as dawn is soon the day.

“But nothing happens” – no hope in war

By repeating the phrase ‘But nothing happens’, it is used as repetition,  the poem emphasizes the agony of waiting and that war is not all about action. By the end of the poem, there is a sense of hopelessness and despair where the men see their deaths as unavoided. The poet’s tone is deliberately provoking and emotive language is used with the intention of involving and even upsetting the reader.


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