6th November 2017

Speech Assessment


I’m talking about only some of the problems in this world now spoken in a way you can understand I talk. I am from a place blessed with natural water dripping out of natural fountains from the mountains surrounding us here, I am from the place with the cleanest waters, dark and light blue but just not green. And It makes me think with just one blink, we are beating not eating at our own life support systems, The systems to relate and create but now we begin to hate this wonderful world we have come into. At a rate of 40 foot ball fields a minute trees are getting cut down from all these machines, that’s that’s 50% of all the trees gone. We are all responsible now, just look in the bible, we are all able, able to change this. And by this I mean the future. Air we breath the air that’s provided by trees, trees that  clean up our pollution to create an ecosystem. These trees give us medicine that cures your disease and food that feeds us.
Uh Habitat destruction, not only eruptions but sprayed with all sorts of substance. Killing away billions of homes of animals and plants. Their homes to grow. That’s when we should know not to carry on this Destruction, fragmentation and degradation as a nation we need a solution to stop this pollution or should we just start an execution? Fragmentation can separate animals or is that an understatement, making navigation and location far more complicated. Forests cover about thirty percent of the world’s land area but there’s more to discover. But would you rather suffer or do a runner when I tell you the other percent meant we had to kill for the thrill of life, we damage animals it’s too much for us to manage, making them scavenge to our advantage we live? Leaving us undamaged, maybe it’s a disadvantage, mismanage?
This is our legacy we are leaving our future generations. Now oceans, It’s no secret and you don’t get no leaflet about how we have trashed and poisoned our oceans. Should we be put in a demotion for the way we act, is there really a need to overreact? Trash 5.25 trillion pieces of trash in the ocean, the numbers add up to trouble for the oceans it’s starting to be a constant daily cycle. The cycle we live, the cycle our kids will live. 5.25 trillion pieces of trash surrounding you. Surrounding school.
Surrounding us everyday. That’s not what we want. We want a bunch of bouquets, play a lil croquet put it all up for display. And it then goes back to monday, finish your fruit punch at lunch then put it ground for someone not to pick up.

2017 1.6 english speech.


Days goes by still there. You’ve had a couple days, wrote a few essays now that fruit punch you had at yesterday’s lunch is in the sea among all the other debris That degrades and sinks drifts out. The numbers are staggering: There are trillion of pieces of plastic debris in the ocean. Of that mass, 269,000 tons float on the surface, while some four billion bits of plastic per square kilometer litter the deep sea. accumulating amount of ocean debris and its deadly consequences for seabirds, fish, and marine animals.


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