In the poem “The Lanyard”  Billy Collins makes it very clear about the message he is trying to get through to the audience. Collins was making us see things from the beginning to the end of his poem. One that stood out the most to me was, the message was that whatever we do as kids we can never repay our Mothers for what they have done, doing and gave us in our life.

I strongly connect with the character in the poem because when I was a younger I used to make my mother things at after school cares and school to say thank you or just for appreciation to her as well as the boy in the poem. At the beginning of the poem he quotes;  “She gave me life and milk from her breasts, and I gave her a lanyard. She nursed me in many a sick room, lifted spoons of medicine to my lips, laid cold face-clothes on my forehead, and then led me out into the air light.”  Meaning that the Mother had been by his side through all things, She brought him into this word. Also, this made me feel that not all people are capable to give or raise another in a way it can’t be repaid.

This text is easy for me to understand as I can relate to the character on a high level, it made me realize maybe I don’t show or tell my mother quite enough that I do appreciate her and what she has done and given me. And if I wasn’t feeling this way, I think I would’ve disliked this text a lot instead of being engaged in it.

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  1. A good start, Latisha. An additional point (at least) is needed on this text. What other ideas, examples, uses of language…etc. interested you?
    It would be great to hear these thoughts 🙂

  2. Hi Latisha. An additional point on this text is still needed. 🙂 Mrs Waide


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