16th October 2018

the outsider final

This is a novel that is one of Stephen king’s latest releases.  This novel is an adventurous horror novel. The plotting of this book was great, with twists and turns throughout I did not expect at all. I found this book by Stephen King completely enjoyable because it threw me. I like books that present me with the unanticipated. The characters were unique and felt alive in their own world, and they were very interesting.

“The Outsider” novel starts off as a relatively straightforward mystery gruesome detective story. One of the main characters Terry Maitland is a rugby league coach and is perceived as a nice guy. unanticipated.  Several witnesses claim to have seen Terry Maitland with the boy who has been raped and the DNA found on the body matches to Terry. It’s an open and shut case. Until a video emerges of him in a completely different city at the time of the murder. Detective Ralph Anderson is ready to send Terry Maitland to death for his crime. Ralph is the kind of cop we all hope is out there, he wants to arrest the right suspect, not just any suspect he will work on a case until he finds out the truth.

King’s writing is great it is easy to follow along which is good. His language is simple and gets to the point, letting the story tell for itself.  The conversation within the characters is also consistently excellent. The main cast is easily distinguished by the word choice of King’s writing style, and even the unimportant characters, such as the witnesses. Each character feels like a person rather than a cartoon character even if they only appear briefly in the book, I feel as though this gave the novel a real sense of realism. This is uncommonly seen in crime or horror book. I really believed the story King wrote.

A quote I found interesting and personal in this book was “You take up for your buddies, no matter what they do. When you’re a gang, you stick up for the members. If you don’t stick up for them, stick together, make like brothers, it isn’t a gang anymore.” this quote is cleaver as it involves in everyones everyday life and morals to remind us that it is important to have successful friendships and knowing you can rely on each other to support you and be honest with you. I also feel like this quote is also reminding us of the saying “no one is left behind” this is telling us the reader that its important to support and be there for each other be there for when they slip up or make mistakes. 

I greatly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys horror or mystery  books that present strong options, but do not tell you all the answers, and leave the mind to wander within. It has some very graphic moments but does not initially looks into it , but more so on how it impacts the main characters.

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